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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY | Looking Back on 5 Features Honoring Local Moms, Plus More Mom Inspiration


If there is one thing we are amazing at, it's sharing inspiring and heartfelt stories about local residents– especially local area moms. Today, we are highlighting a few special stories from this past year that deserve an extra shout out today, on Mother's Day! Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day.


1. LORI ORLINSKY | Author of Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All)

When Lori Orlinsky’s daughter, Hayley was three, she decided she didn’t want to go to preschool anymore because she was the shortest kid in class. Her teachers hung up a growth chart in the classroom, and Hayley’s name was at the bottom. It was the first time she ever felt different from her peers. Unable to find a book on the benefits of being short, Lori decided to write one.

2. LINDSAY ROBERTSON | Author of America: Beautifully Unique + Special Needs Mom

Aurora author, Lindsay Robertson wanted to create a book geared toward children that helped them celebrate the United States with fun facts in the form of rhymes. As a mother of a child of Down Syndrome and the Vice President of the organization, Save Down Syndrome, she noted that there were very few books that featured kids who are differently abled.

3. CATHY KOVACH | Mom Extraordinaire + Community Volunteer

She sings in the St. Katharine Drexel Church choir and is the concertmaster for the Fermi Community Orchestra. By day she is a preschool teacher at Kaneville Community Child Center, by night she is a violin teacher and assists with the Kaneland Youth Orchestra. Come the weekend, Cathy is an Administrative Assistant to the Trustees and the Fire Chief and is a Firefighter/EMT-B at the Kaneville Fire Protection District and is also one of the department’s CPR/First Aid instructors, and helps with all the fire prevention assemblies at Kaneland’s four elementary schools.

4. MARCELLE DOYLE | Fit and Fabulous At 50

Not having the time is not an excuse for not taking care of yourself, and Marcelle is living proof that it is all about time management. She works as a buyer, as well as manages the charity fashion shows for Jeans and a Cute Top Shop in Wheaton, and just opened Aurelio’s in Winfield with her husband Tim, who also stays busy as a general contractor. With three kids in college across the country and working multiple jobs, Marcelle quickly realized that being 50 meant working out and eating healthier was mandatory if she wanted to remain fit and mentally on top of her game.

5. JO ANN MIRABELLI | Living with Terminal Cancer During a Pandemic

Have you complained about your quarantine? Guilty! We are missing out on so much and it’s hard to put it in perspective unless you have a personal connection to someone struggling with the symptoms; but, what about those that are just trying to “LIVE WHILE THEY CAN” -check things off their bucket list - why - because they truly know how short life is.


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