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FIT & FAB AT FIFTY | Healthy & Beautiful Inside Out, Meet Two Local Women Who Inspire their


Each amazingly strong and inspiring, these west suburban women share on being Fit & Fab at Fifty with the help of both local area establishments and their family & friends.


Marcelle Doyle of Wheaton Not having the time is not an excuse for not taking care of yourself, and Marcelle is living proof that it is all about time management. She works as a buyer, as well as manages the charity fashion shows for Jeans and a Cute Top Shop in Wheaton, and just opened Aurelio’s in Winfield with her husband Tim, who also stays busy as a general contractor. With three kids in college across the country and working multiple jobs, Marcelle quickly realized that being 50 meant working out and eating healthier was mandatory if she wanted to remain fit and mentally on top of her game.

She loves going to H4 Training in Wheaton and targeting routines that reach every part of her body, while also hitting the Wheaton College Track for a good cardio workout afterwards.

Marcelle uses her Apple Watch with the Lose It! App to hold her accountable for food, activity, and hydration. She has made simple adjustments like switching to 45 calorie Prosecco called SYLTBAR, snacking on roasted almonds, and adding more salmon to her menu to help keep her balanced.

Muscle mass and mental health are the key drivers to Marcelle finding the time to give back to her well-being.


Robin Pietrucha of Geneva As she approaches 50 this year, fitness and good nutrition are more important than ever to Robin as she keeps up with her two teenage daughters and anticipates celebrating her twentieth wedding anniversary.

Her journey toward wellness didn’t begin because of numbers on a scale, but rather her wantonness to be her best-self on the inside and out; and as a result, for the first time in her life, Robin looks forward to going to the gym at H4 Training in Geneva because she is seeing her efforts payoff in muscle strength, toned arms and legs, countless inches disappearing, and the loss of 15 pounds.

Beyond her personal training group at H4, Robin receives daily motivation from uplifting and positive Instagram posts of famed personal trainers such as, Erin Opera and Kelly Leveque. She ensures to maintain a healthy diet by snacking on avocado toast and eating at local restaurants that provide sensible menu options such as, flatbread pizza with cauliflower crust and mushrooms at Livia in Geneva.

At almost 50, Robin is in the best shape ever and is seeing great results, which makes it easier than ever to stick with it!