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LITERARY LOCAL | Chicago Author Writes Inspirational Children's Book with an Important Message

LORI ORLINSKY | Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All) When Lori Orlinsky’s daughter, Hayley was three, she decided she didn’t want to go to preschool anymore because she was the shortest kid in class. Her teachers hung up a growth chart in the classroom, and Hayley’s name was at the bottom. It was the first time she ever felt different from her peers. Unable to find a book on the benefits of being short, Lori decided to write one.

Through clever rhymes and beautiful illustrations, Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All) teaches kids to accept themselves and embrace their unique differences which make them special.

“Being 5’1” myself, many of the situations in the book came from my own personal experiences growing up,” says Lori. “For example, my mom having to put my hair up in a high ponytail so that I could ride the roller coasters.” And of course, Hayley helped by articulating all of her own daily struggles with being short.

Lori explains that the book isn’t just a book for short kids. It has universal messages about self-acceptance, self-confidence and bullying prevention for all kids, no matter their size.

Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All) can be found on Amazon and locally at Barnes & Noble and Barbara’s Bookstores.

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