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REAL ESTATE 2020 | Primping Your Curb Appeal by Penny O'Brien, Realtor


Spring has historically been the best time to sell your home, with April being the best month to get the best price! We are experiencing an incredibly fast moving market. The best looking homes, priced correctly are selling quickly! Simple fixes to your curb appeal could net you that coveted buyer!

1. New Welcome mat! Coco Coir please. There are so many inviting welcome mats out there that say "Hello” or "All Are Welcome Here". It is considered bad Feng Shui to have cutouts in a welcome mat!

2. A new front door does wonders to add curb appeal to your home. You can replace it for as little as $500. At a minimum, please paint black, dark gray or a neutral color. Red is currently out when trying to sell a home. Update the hardware.

3. A trio of potted colorful flowers is very welcoming. Throw in a lantern or possibly the current trend, a word sign - Welcome!

4. Clean up your flower beds and add fresh mulch! Yard art is very personalized, please remove. A home does feel very homey with bird feeders in the backyard.

5. Does your home need pressure washed? Hire a professional company to make your siding look brand new. There should not be any "green" on the siding.

6. Have your windows professionally cleaned, inside & out.

7. Check out your mailbox. Is it ancient? leaning? plastic? The mailbox is one of the first things a buyer sees. Consider replacing. Plant some flowers around the mailbox.

8. Refresh your house numbers! The new updated numbers are large, modern & sleek.



BAIRD & WARNER – One word that consistently comes to clients’ minds when they think of Penny O’Brien is “hustle.” As a Seller Representative Specialist, she loves meeting with sellers to discuss pre-market home improvements and guide them to make their home “showtime ready” when it hits the market. She strongly believes in professional staging and offers it as a complimentary service. With a reputation for “good-looking listings,” she helps clients realize a higher return and quicker sale. Penny says “Staging transforms a home from average to amazing”. Penny O'Brien Broker, Relocation Specialist and

Negotiation Expert • (630) 207-7001 •


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