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ANTI-AGING | Choose How You Age: How Strength Determines Your Fate

by Katie McManigal, Peak Health Institute

Have you ever wondered what it is that differentiates a functional 80+-year-old who is able-bodied and on the move vs. those who are immobile and ailing? One major differentiating factor is the level of musculoskeletal strength that is present.

When you begin to think about maintaining strength as you age, you might envision lifting weights and doing rigorous activities. However, it is actually your core strength and grip strength that are the two aspects of strength most closely tied to aging gracefully.

The natural deterioration of core muscle tissue begins as early as in our 30s. Without regular training, core strength will likely decline to the point where it contributes to making life difficult by age 50. Without regular strength training, core muscle fibers shrink and become less flexible. These muscles anchor our spine, which is the epicenter of maintaining our body’s function. This is the number one factor that contributes to the risk of injury, back pain, and low mobility as one begins to age.

An excellent option for aging individuals to gain muscle, core strength, and if needed, shrink fat cells, is EMSCULPT NEO. It is a device that uses radiofrequency and contraction to stimulate muscle contraction while the heat from the RF simultaneously kills fat cells. The non-invasive body shaping procedure provides simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a combined 30-minute session.

It’s easier to prevent decline than to reverse it. So the younger you begin to focus on this major necessity, the more likely you are to age with strength and ability.



Katie McManigal is a board-certified nurse practitioner who specializes in functional and regenerative medicine. Her mission and passion are in bringing optimal health to each individual she serves. Katie completed her nurse practitioner degree at Purdue University and went on to open Peak Health Institute in Warrenville, IL. Peak Health Institute is a functional medicine and lifestyle clinic devoted to providing residents with the tools needed to optimize their health. Learn more at

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