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Everyone thinks that buying and moving into a new home is the most stressful part. But once you’re in, trying to figure out how to decorate, organize, and emphasize your home’s “wow” factor can be overwhelming. So here are some quick and budget-friendly ways to solve some of the most common causes of new-homeowner blues.

Bare Walls

Creating your own custom artwork is easier than ever. Displaying a series of clipboards creates playful and interactive fun that can be easily customizable for holidays or parties. While simply papering a wall in sheet music or pages from old books you find at thrift shops, gives way to a gauzy romantic feel. And patterning thumb tacks on an otherwise empty wall, in whimsical sequences or your favorite saying or song lyrics, is a snap!

Drab Kitchen

No cash for new cabinetry or countertops? Make waves by installing a backsplash! This weekend project takes your existing kitchen from drab to FAB and introduces new color combinations without paint. Tiling an entire wall makes for a dramatic makeover but just doing a small portion (Hello, corner espresso bar!) can be equally eye catching. Use whatever material strikes your fancy: tile, stone, or tin are more conventional, whereas wallpaper, wood planking, or chalkboard paint add charisma and moxy.

Storage Space

Too much storage space? More than likely, it’s the exact opposite. But have no fear: simple wire baskets make for excellent storage. Also, think about utilizing spaces that most don’t - like above the bathroom door (oh-so-handy to have extra shampoo, soap, and towels at hand, but out of the way). And summer IS coming! An outdoor towel holder can be constructed in minutes by simply piecing together PVC pipe from your local hardware store.

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