TERRIFIC TEACHERS | Debbie Bray & Patty Gill

Debbie Bray and Patty Gill are a dynamic teaching duo at Ben Franklin Elementary in Glen Ellyn. According to principal Kirk Samples and assistant principal Jeff Burke, “Debbie and Patty embody the true spirit of collaboration, working closely to meet the needs of the students they serve at Franklin School. Through many changes in school structure and subject matter curriculum, they continuously demonstrate professionalism and collegiality in their practice.”

Debbie has been teaching for 18 years and Patty for 11. “We both decided to become teachers when we were very young,” they share. “We love young minds and being part of the learning that magically happens with young learners.”

Both Debbie and Patty teach 2nd grade math, science, and engineering at Ben Franklin and feel fortunate to work in a district that is innovative and committed to providing students with opportunities to help them thrive in an ever-changing world. “Our curriculum mirrors that specific goal,” the teaching duo conveys.

School days move very quickly for the teachers, and Debbie and Patty know how important it is to keep their curriculum moving with math stations, math mini-lessons, and science/engineering activities – all in an effort to keep their students engaged and motivated. “Our students inspire us through their excitement and willingness to embrace the new common core standards,” they say.

FUN FACTS: Patty Gill

1. Favorite lesson/project? Engineering units.

2. Teacher secret weapon? My secret weapon is the mutual respect my students and I have for each other.

3. Describe your teaching in 3-words. Three words to describe me: loving, organized, dedicated.

4. Favorite subject? My favorite subject is math.

5. Teaching motto? “It takes a village.” I need parents, team teachers, support staff, and administration to do this job well.

FUN FACTS: Debbie Bray

1. Favorite lesson/project? My favorite lessons are any time I can integrate art into math and science lessons.

2. Teacher secret weapon? My secret weapon is creating a community that is respectful, helpful, and full of confident self-learners.

3. Describe your teaching in 3 words: Three words to describe me: patient, energetic, innovative.

4. Favorite subject? My favorite subject is science.

5. Teaching motto? Just like Patty. “It takes a village.” The parents, team teachers, support staff, and administration all help us in being successful teachers.



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