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COVER STORY | Realtor Mom: Ewelina Rafael of Batavia

Her Story is a Testament to the Beautiful Blend of Motherhood and a Thriving Real Estate Career

BATAVIA–Ewelina is a dedicated realtor from Batavia, Illinois, with Coldwell Banker Realty. Her story is a testament to the beautiful blend of motherhood and a thriving real estate career spanning 7 years. Ewelina's busy household, overflowing with love and companionship, includes her two daughters, aged 24 and 17, three stepsons, and a delightful mix of furry friends. Juggling client calls amidst family commitments and orchestrating showings around vacations, Ewelina exemplifies adaptability and dedication.

Her genuine care for both clients and loved ones resonates through her approach, rooted in empathy and integrity instilled by her mother. Beyond transactions, Ewelina's passion lies in creating memorable experiences for families house hunting in the Western Suburbs—transforming each search into a joyful exploration of communities, forging lasting connections, and guiding them towards their dream homes with unwavering support and personalized care. Get to know more about Ewelina in her own words....

The Balancing Act

How do you balance being a fantastic mom and a top-notch realtor in the West Suburbs?

Seamlessly blending motherhood and real estate is all about adaptability and dedication. Whether it's answering client calls while cheering on my daughter at a dance competition or scheduling showings around family vacations, I make it work. My clients understand that family comes first, and they appreciate the genuine care and attention I give to both them and my loved ones. It's about finding balance and being fully present in every moment, whether it's negotiating a deal or attending Friday night football games.

From Mom to Mom

Can you share a heartwarming story of helping a family find their dream home in the West Suburban area?

Recently, I had the honor of helping the Anderson family find their dream home in our community. They were looking for a place with enough space for their growing family and a backyard for their children to play. After weeks of searching, we found the perfect home that checked all their boxes. Seeing their faces light up as they walked through the front door was truly priceless—a moment that reminded me why I love what I do.

I Learned It from My Mom

What's the best advice your mom gave you that influences how you approach motherhood and real estate?

My mom always emphasized the importance of empathy and integrity in everything I do. She taught me to listen deeply, to understand others' needs, and to always act with honesty and compassion. This advice guides me in both motherhood and real estate, reminding me to prioritize relationships, to advocate for my clients with sincerity, and to create spaces where everyone feels valued and heard.

House Hunting Fun

How do you make house-hunting fun and engaging for families looking to settle down in the West Suburban neighborhoods? 

House hunting in the Western Suburbs is more than just finding a house—it's about discovering a community that feels like home. I make the process fun and engaging for families by organizing neighborhood tours, highlighting local parks, schools, and family-friendly amenities. From scavenger hunts for the kids to personalized welcome packages, I strive to make every step of the journey exciting and memorable, turning house hunting into a cherished family adventure.


Finding the Perfect Home

As a mom and a realtor, what's your favorite aspect of helping families find their perfect home in West Suburban Chicago? 

My favorite aspect is the opportunity to build genuine connections with families as they embark on this journey. I love getting to know their unique preferences, aspirations, and the little details that will make a house truly feel like home for them. Being able to guide and support them through such a significant milestone in their lives is incredibly rewarding—it's about forging lasting relationships and being a trusted ally in their pursuit of happiness.


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