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COVER STORY | Realtor Mom: Julie Riddle of Geneva

COVER STORY | Realtor Mom: Julie Riddle of Geneva

Local Mom & Realtor Shares Heartwarming Stories of Helping Families Find their Dream Homes While Balancing Family Life

GENEVA–Meet Julie Riddle, a dedicated wife, mother of three and a successful realtor at @Properties St. Charles since 2017, based in Geneva, Illinois. Julie expertly balances her roles as a top-notch realtor in west suburban Chicago and a fantastic mother by meticulously planning her schedule to accommodate family commitments and client needs. Her passion for both her work and family shines through as she shares heartwarming stories of helping families find their dream homes, emphasizing the importance of happiness at work and home.

Drawing inspiration from her family, particularly her mother and grandmother, Julie embodies leadership and warmth in both her personal and professional life. Through her fun and engaging approach to house-hunting, Julie creates memorable experiences for families looking to settle down in the vibrant neighborhoods of west suburban Chicago, showcasing the unique charm and community spirit of the area. Get to know more about Julie in her own words....

COVER STORY | Realtor Mom: Julie Riddle of Geneva

The Balancing Act

How do you balance being a fantastic mom and a top-notch realtor in the West Suburbs?

Part of the balancing act is keeping my schedule well-planned. Our family has the morning bus stop, practices, games, and sleepovers. When I am home, I am present. My clients are well-served by me; they always know they will hear from me quickly.

I have systems in place and delegate work tasks when needed to keep a healthy work-life balance. I love spending time with my clients and family; each receives my full attention when we are together. Happiness at work and home is essential to me, and I have both.

From Mom to Mom

Can you share a heartwarming story of helping a family find their dream home in the West Suburban area?

This winter, I was helping a family move from Texas. They knew very little about Naperville, and before giving them a video tour of a home they were interested in, I saw a neighbor shoveling across the street. I asked the neighbor if she would mind telling about the neighborhood for some potential buyers on video, and she agreed, even in the cold! The buyers purchased the beautiful Naperville home, and I dropped off a gift for the sweet neighbor I sprung an interview with.

I Learned It from My Mom

What's the best advice your mom gave you that influences how you approach motherhood and real estate?

I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and both my mother and my grandmother were a significant influence on my life. My grandmother taught me to be a matriarch and the leader of my family, and I am both a leader within my family and my career.

House Hunting Fun

How do you make house-hunting fun and engaging for families looking to settle down in the West Suburban neighborhoods? 

I am fun, and I love to laugh. Home hunting should be an exciting adventure and never full of stress. I have a design group on Facebook (The Salt of Chicago Home Design Group), and I have many ideas about how a space can be transformed as we search for your home. At the same time, as an experienced parent, I look for the functionality of space as the stages of life change. I can confidently say that I am an expert in the housing economy, but what my clients remember is laughing and smiling with me. We have a blast. 


Finding the Perfect Home

As a mom and a realtor, what's your favorite aspect of helping families find their perfect home in West Suburban Chicago? 

It is a joy to show a neighborhood and town's features. The Western Suburbs offer vibrant downtowns, culture, book clubs, gardening groups, neighborhood shops, and even neighborhood pools. It's a unique corner of the Chicago Area and the Midwest, and I love to show it off. If you speak to my clients, they will tell you that I talk to them about the friends I plan to introduce them to. We have many ways to participate in the community; the Chicago area has a pulse, and I am proud to live here. 

If my clients are utilizing public schools, it is important to me that I show them how to interpret the data on the Illinois School Report Card. Knowing the resources your district can offer is essential, and this data is an unbiased and reliable tool. The resources a school-age child may need can also change. I lost my hearing later in life, and resources for people who are deaf or hard of hearing are essential to me. It is important to know about the funding and resources of a school district to gain knowledge about the nearby schools. 

COVER STORY | Realtor Mom: Julie Riddle of Geneva


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