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10 TRENDS | In Spring Redesigns and Who to Hire in the Western Suburbs

Here’s What’s Trending in West Suburban Chicago Home Redesign this Spring–

Redesigning your home can not only refresh your personal space but also incorporate some of the latest trends that reflect the current times. In Chicago's western suburbs, the world of home interior design is buzzing with new styles this spring of 2024. From sustainable materials to smart home integrations, here are 10 trends homeowners are loving, along with recommendations for who to connect with locally for a professional touch.

1. Biophilic Design Elements

TREND: Integrating natural elements into your home to create a harmonious and restful environment.

LOCAL EXPERT: Grow Geneva, Geneva, IL

2. Multi-Functional Spaces

TREND: Rooms designed to serve various purposes—think home office by day, entertainment area by night.

LOCAL EXPERT: Closet Factory, Lombard, IL

#3 | Sustainable Materials

TREND: Use of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo flooring and recycled glass countertops.

LOCAL EXPERT: The Kitchen Master, Naperville, IL

#4 | Smart Home Technology

TREND: Incorporating tech for home efficiency and automation, such as smart thermostats and advanced security systems.

LOCAL EXPERT: WeaveAIRE Heating & Air, Downers Grove, IL

#5 | Bold Wallpaper Patterns

TREND: Large, expressive wallpaper designs that serve as a focal point for any room.

LOCAL EXPERT: J & B Paint & Wallpaper, Downers Grove, IL

#6 | Vintage and Antique Accents

TREND: Mixing old-world charm with modern design for a unique, timeless appeal.

LOCAL EXPERT: Trend + Relic, St. Charles, IL

#7 | Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

TREND: Seamless transitions from indoors to outdoor living areas such as patios and terraces.

LOCAL EXPERT: Premiere Outdoor Environments, Elmhurst, IL

#8 | Minimalist Chic

TREND: Simplified spaces with a focus on function and clutter-free aesthetics.

LOCAL EXPERT: Lauren Collander Interiors, Naperville, IL

#9 | Earth Tones and Plant Accents

TREND: The use of warm earth colors complemented with an array of indoor plants.

LOCAL EXPERT: Blooming Succulents, Oswego, IL

#10 | Home Wellness Spaces

TREND: Dedicating a zone for mental and physical wellness, including meditation corners or home gyms.

LOCAL EXPERT: Lauren Collander Interiors, Naperville, IL


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