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UNREST IN AURORA | One Officer Injured, 14 Arrested After a Violent Night of Crime

#APDIncidentUpdate: The Aurora Police Department and multiple other law enforcement agencies responded throughout the city to incidents of unrest, damage and violence from Sunday evening to early Monday morning.

As of 2:30 a.m., there are no reports of unrest or looting in the city.

The protest started off as a peaceful protest, but quickly turned violent in the downtown area with many businesses and buildings damaged. In at least two separate instances, instigators set fire to buildings in the downtown area.

The violence was also directed at the officers working to try and keep the downtown area safe. In at least two instances, shots were fired at the officers working to contain the crowds. Three squad cars were also set on fire and completely destroyed. In multiple instances, bricks, glass and rocks were also thrown at the officers. One Aurora Police officer suffered injuries as a result of items being thrown.

The Aurora Police Department requested mutual aid assistance through the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System, bringing officers from all over the state to assist with the response. Aurora Police would like to thank the numerous agencies for their assistance throughout the evening.

In all 14 people were arrested. A full damage assessment will occur on Monday. Businesses or residents who need to report damage are asked to call the Aurora Police Department’s non-emergency dispatch at (630) 256-5900.

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