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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. In DeKalb

by Brianna Bartemeyer


Illinois … our Land of Lincoln and beloved ‘Midwest Nice’ state has given us: Wrigley Field, Betty White, deep-dish pizza, Harrison Ford, Starved Rock, Portillo’s, Walt Disney, Twinkies and McDonald’s. Outside of the famous names and iconic buildings, Illinois is a leader in agricultural production too - specifically corn. This sustainable powerhouse-of-a-grain supports our economy, environment and everyday lives - it’s in our cleaners, carpets, food, fuel … and whiskey.

Yes, WHISKEY. Enter Whiskey Acres Distilling Co.

Whiskey Acres, located in DeKalb, began production in 2014 and is Illinois’ first certified-farm distillery. This estate distillery was founded by 4th and 5th generation farmers. The goal was to diversify its offerings, showcase its high-quality grain (thanks to Illinois’ rich soil!) and share its passion with friends and family. Whiskey Acres worked with Dave Pickerell (RIP), a whiskey industry legend, to master the highest-quality distilling practices in the industry. Much like grape varieties, the same is true for corn. Every year, the farm grows 16-24 different varieties of corn - not all of them become whiskey. Whiskey Acres truly picks the ‘cream-of-the-crop’. And its impressive ‘Seed-to-Spirit’ process allows for everything to be managed in-house.

This 2,000 acre farm boasts: a historic tasting room, visitor center, large flagstone patio, whiskey garden, production building, barrel warehouses, farm buildings and grain bins. This award-winning distillery produces year-round, seasonal and limited-release spirits. Nicino is a seasonal favorite - a liqueur made with walnuts from Morton Arboretum, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon and cloves.

As they say, “great whiskey isn’t made - it’s grown.” Cheers to a new year!

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