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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Local Art Studio Owned by Naperville Mom of 5 Kids

by Brianna Bartemeyer


Cultural artifacts. Cave paintings. Hieroglyphics. Sculptors. History shared and communicated its stories through art. It represented our universal language, brought people together and inspired the world around us.

The power of art is just as evident today; especially as it pertains to our children. Art improves cognitive development, emotional intelligence and creativity (just to name a few!). The importance of art, in our children’s lives, is undeniable. Kim Roth - Fine Art Studio, located in Naperville, offers an inspiring space for creativity and curiosity to blossom.

In 1998, Kim stepped away from her corporate accounting career to raise her five children in Naperville. During this time, she renewed her love of art and began commissioning painted portraits. In 2010, she enrolled at The School of Representational Art, located in the heart of Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Inspired by her classical training, Kim began teaching classes in her home. Her passion for Representation Art became evident - specifically in the depiction of people, flowers and nature. Due to popularity, KR-FAS opened its doors in 2014 - hosting online and in-person (indoor and outdoor!) classes to children, teens and adults. In fact, some of her online students are from Oregon, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

“For me, drawing and painting is a chance to set aside my worldly concerns and focus on something beautiful … the World needs beauty. Beauty provides hope!” - Kim Roth

If you are seeking some blue-light-free fun, grab a paintbrush. Art is a perfect medium for reflection, observation and imagination. Enjoy! #quarantineart


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