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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Krema Coffee House in Plainfield

UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Krema Coffee House in Plainfield


ST. CHARLES–It complements pastries, toast and donuts. It pairs well with nestled reading nooks, the Sunday morning newspaper and conversation with friends. It’s suggested for first dates, morning boosts and awakening the senses. What is it? Coffee.

Did you know 66% of Americans (surveyed in 2022) drink coffee every day? It’s officially America’s most popular beverage. Why the obsession? It’s part of our societal fabric. And if we examine the history of coffee, it’s actually quite ‘patriotic’ of us. What better way to protest the excessive tax on tea, than to redirect one's passion for drink? As the British say ... brilliant! Coffee became known as ‘America's National Drink’. Soon thereafter, coffee houses popped up and became gathering places … which still rings true today.

UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Krema Coffee House in Plainfield

Coffee lovers' brand loyalty is something that could spark the heaviest of debates (rivaling that of a 90s boy band debate) - but, all-in-all there is a need for supporting local economic growth. And local coffee shops are lifelines in our communities. A place for study groups, meet-ups with friends, business interviews, celebrations and gatherings. Introducing: Krema Coffee House in Plainfield.

KCH opened in 2017 and roasts high-quality, small-batch coffee. Its focus is local - milk, produce, syrups and honey are sourced locally. They sell: coffee, tea, baked-in-house pastries, craft toasts, sandwiches and salads. Be sure to try the Brown Sugar Bacon Gouda breakfast sandwich, Honey Lavender Latte and Cinnamon Roll (Ronda Rousey approved!). This beloved coffee shop just expanded to Lockport in 2022, too.

Enjoy the artwork, live music and unique lattes. Here’s to positive energy, shared experiences and fueled afternoon-pick-me-ups.

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