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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Heritage Prairie Farm

by Brianna Bartemeyer


Are you familiar with the idea of eating ‘seasonally’ and ‘locally’? Thanks to globalization and modern lifestyles, many of us are unaware what months our favorite fruits and vegetables are actually in season. However, nothing compares to finding seasonal produce - it bursts with flavors, juices and vitamins … and it’s oh-so-tasty! And supporting local growers contributes to sustainability and local economic growth. Eating seasonally and locally truly is a WIN-WIN.

As interest in supporting local farms increased, the Farm-to-Table social movement has exploded (or ‘grown’) in popularity. Look around! There are restaurants … chefs … and cookbooks devoted to this mission. For those interested in a one-of-a-kind experience, we encourage you to check out the Farm Dinners at Heritage Prairie Farm.

Located in Elburn, HPF invites guests to attend its monthly, family-style Farm Dinners (June-November), while relaxing outside with friends and family. Each meal is customized to that season. HPF sources its very own USDA Certified Organic produce and partners with local breweries, distilleries and like-minded vendors to complement its menu. This innovative event is a top-quality dinner experience, coupled with beautiful surroundings. Mother Nature and Chef Brett are sure to impress!

Throughout the year, guests partake in other signature events, host private/social gatherings and explore the grounds too. Microgreens, organic produce, free-range eggs, raw honey, artisan meats and cheeses can be found inside the Farm Store. Try the cinnamon and pumpkin-pie-spice infused honey - it’s sure to please your Fall palate! We hope you enjoy these local, seasonal eats!


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