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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | Harvey's Tales In Geneva

by Brianna Bartemeyer


Why did multitasking become a sought-after skill to master? It’s been proven to lower productivity and increase stress levels. In this fast-paced world, we are constantly stimulated by our digital environment - navigating back-and-forth between social media platforms, emails, apps, Zoom meetings and online shopping. Finding ways to unplug, de-stress, pause … and focus are vital. In fact, there is a particular hobby that improves cognitive skills, memory, empathy and knowledge - it’s not age bias, gender bias or subject bias … and it’s habitual for highly successful people. It’s reading.

Two years ago, Harvey’s Tales in Geneva opened its doors. Built in the 1860s, this historic home was originally known as the Cory House. It has since been converted to a restaurant, Christmas store, needlepoint shop and now charming bookstore in the heart of Downtown Geneva’s Shopping District.

Fun fact - it’s rumored to be haunted! The name, Harvey’s Tales, was an opportunity to honor the owner’s late, beloved Bernese Mountain Dog (Harvey). This beautifully-renovated-and-independent bookstore combines a love of family, books, dogs and community.

As you browse the shelves, be sure to check out the banned/challenged book room, true crime closet and Hazel’s House (children’s book room). Enjoy a drink from its in-house coffee bar - the Chocolate Chai and Snickerdoodle Latte are seasonal favorites. And it’s annual Wish Tree display, supporting Anderson Animal Shelter, creates a unique opportunity for bookshop goers to donate ‘wish list’ items to the shelter during this season of giving. Forget the Instastories this holiday and unwrap a gift that keeps on giving - time to transport yourself in an actual story. #bluelightfreefun

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