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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | A Whimsical Adventure Awaits at Peck Farm Park In Geneva

by Brianna Bartemeyer


Legends say that if a butterfly lands on you, it’s good luck. For those rooted in science, it’s understood that butterflies are simply attracted to our sweat. Mythology or science … ? Either way, there is no denying that the transformative ability of these insects has historically symbolized renewal and hope among cultures. Peck Farm Park, located in Geneva, hosts Illinois’ premier butterfly house. And that’s not all this gem has to offer!

Once a merino sheep farm and cattle feedlot, this property was home to the Peck family. Four generations later, the family observed the urbanization of nearby farms. Rather than see their beloved farm converted into a subdivision, they sought a buyer who would preserve the land. In 1991, it was sold to the Geneva Park District.

Today, PFP is a full-day destination. This 385-acre park is a nature-lovers’ oasis. Bike trails and footpaths wind around an 18-acre lake and amidst the prairie landscape. Be sure to climb the stairs of the Observation Silo - enjoy those spectacular views! Visit Pecks’ 1869 Italianate brick house - it’s a Kane County Historic Landmark. Guests are invited inside to participate in self-guided tours, visit the gallery, exploration room and gift shop. And the kids will love Hawks Hollow Nature Playground! This award-winning playground features eight interactive learning stations.

Boundless fun and teachings are embodied in this treasured park. Be inspired and reminded of a butterfly’s subtle lessons - life is short, be hopeful and optimistic, enjoy the journey and be.with.nature. Legends or not, we are already lucky to have this outdoor retreat.