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UNIQUE IN SUBURBIA | A Polo Club In the Heart of Beautiful Oswego


Can you believe it’s been 30 years since Pretty Woman was released? This 1990 classic introduced many of us to an unexpected meet-cute, fantastic fashion, the lovable Julie Roberts (Vivian!)… and polo. Ladies in the 80s yearned for a wardrobe overhaul and the opportunity to channel their inner-Vivian at some fabulous polo match. Enter Arranmore Farm and Polo Club.

AFPC is a luxurious open-air event venue located in Oswego, Illinois. The property, purchased in 1999, was strictly a private, family-owned-and-operated farm. The name ‘Arranmore’ pays homage to the owners’ heritage and family lineage - entitled after Arranmore Island (located off the west coast of Ireland). Reminiscent of family, community and simpler times.

In 2011, AFPC opened its beloved farm and gates to the public. The property boasts: 300 acres, two polo fields, horse pastures, six horse barns, 40 acres delegated to youth sports (soccer and lacrosse), two ponds, a farmhouse (it’s 103 years old!) and a clubhouse. AFPC, a USPA Polo Club, is considered one of the most pristine fields in the Midwest and partners with Chicago Polo to promote the sport’s growth in the Chicagoland area. While many Midwesterners are raised with soccer and football, AFPC invites us to experience polo - one of the oldest team sports ever played.

Outside of polo, Arranmore hosts a myriad of different events throughout the year - including: weddings, private parties, concerts and outdoor yoga. We encourage you to explore these breathtaking views and outdoor musings. If not, as Vivian said… “big mistake, HUGE!” -Brianna Bartemeyer, Features Writer


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