Features Writer

Brianna writes our ‘Unique in Suburbia’ and ‘Best Neighbors Ever’ feature. As someone who loves meeting new people and exploring new areas, her goal is to brighten your day and celebrate our beloved communities. Her attention-to-detail, personable-nature, creativity and sense of humor are endearing strengths. 

Outside of work, her interests include: spending time with family, interior design, exercising, a good vanilla latte, singing, pie, shopping, watching reruns of FRIENDS and cheering on the Spartans (go GREEN!).

Fun Facts

1. Brianna won a community Twist contest with her Dad in 2nd grade.

2. Her first concert was The Beach Boys and 'Uncle Jesse' (ie: John Stamos) was their featured drummer.

3. She was the 'Ball Girl' at the Chicago Bulls game in 1996. 


4. During college, she studied abroad in Italy & France; further igniting her love of design, Italian cuisine and fashion.


5. She once ate two Chipotle burritos... in college... on the same day. Brianna loves Mexican food.