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TRAINING THAT LASTS | Exclusive Group Dog Training Spring Program Now Enrolling

TRAINING THAT LASTS | Exclusive Group Dog Training Spring Program Now Enrolling

Five Engaging 90-minute Dog Training Sessions Taking Place Over 5 Weekends May 18-June 23

We are excited to extend to you an exclusive invitation to participate in the Training That Lasts’ Spring Training Program. With only 15 slots available for handler/doggy duos per town, we urge you to act quickly to secure your place in this sought-after training experience.

The Spring Training Program is a series of five engaging 90-minute dog training sessions taking place over five weekends from May 18 to June 23. These sessions will be held in Yorkville, Naperville, Oswego, and Plainfield, offering convenient options no matter where you are based. Each weekend, sessions will run on Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.

Yorkville Saturday Mornings • 9am-10:30 am

Naperville Saturday Afternoon • 2pm-3:30 pm

Oswego Sunday Mornings • 9am-10:30 am

Plainfield Sunday Afternoon • 2pm-3:30 pm

TRAINING THAT LASTS | Exclusive Group Dog Training Spring Program Now Enrolling

Under the expert guidance of Tyler the Trainer, you and your dog will join us on a journey designed to strengthen your bond and enhance communication. Here’s a brief overview of what each session with Training That Lasts entails:

Session 1 - May 18 & 19: Laying the Foundation

Master basic obedience commands, enhance your communication skills, and help your dog adapt to new surroundings.

Session 2 - May 25 & 26: Socialization Essentials

Discover effective strategies for socializing your dog and correcting undesirable behaviors.

Session 3 - June 1 & 2: Structured Walks 101

Enhance your leash handling techniques, tackle environmental distractions, and manage common behavioral triggers.

Session 4 - June 8 & 9: Real World Application

Implement learned communication methods in everyday situations and prepare for off-leash activities.

Session 5 - June 22 & 23: Review, Celebrate Progress, Plan Ahead

Enjoy a comprehensive recap, receive personalized feedback, and join us in a celebratory awards ceremony featuring prizes and giveaways.

Highlights of the Program

• Expert Guidance: Led by expert trainer Tyler Morrick to ensure a positive learning experience.

• Community Connection: Opportunity to meet other dog owners to foster like-minded relationships

• Sponsor Involvement: Engage with local businesses to enjoy the added value from our sponsors.

• Focused Groups: Limited to 15 participants per session for personalized attention.

• Celebratory Conclusion: Awards, certificates, and special prizes to recognize the hard work and achievements of all participants.

Key Benefits for Participants

• Tailored Instruction: With a cap of 15 participants per session, every handler/dog duo will receive individualized guidance tailored to their specific needs, ensuring that everyone can progress at a pace that suits their individual needs.

• Holistic Approach: The program covers a wide range of topics, from basic obedience and manners to communication and behavior modification, providing a comprehensive training experience that addresses both the immediate and long-term needs of dogs and their handlers.

• Community Building: By participating in the Spring Training program, handlers will have the opportunity to connect with fellow dog lovers in their community, creating a supportive network of like-minded individuals who share a common goal of improving the lives of their pets as well as their own.

• Sponsor Perks: Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, participants will have access to exclusive offers, discounts, and gifts that will enhance their connection as well as their training experience providing added value to the investment to their dog’s education.

• Celebratory Recognition: Completing the Spring Training program is an achievement that deserves recognition. The final session will not only serve as a culmination of the hard work put in by both dogs and handlers but will also be an occasion to celebrate these accomplishments with awards and acknowledgement from all.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to develop a deeper connection with your dog and gain valuable skills that will last a lifetime. Click here to reserve your spot for the Group Training session in your preferred town. We look forward to welcoming you to Training That Lasts Spring Training Program!


Training That Lasts focuses on delivering compassionate and effective dog training. Their time-tested methodologies underline their determination to assist you in attaining desired outcomes training your dog. Whether the goal is behavioral adjustments, refined obedience, or tailor made in-home and board-and-training, consider Training that Lasts your partners in achieving your dog's potential. They don’t just train dogs, Training that Lasts redefines relationships. Located in Yorkville, Illinois serving Chicago's western suburbs and beyond.