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THIS WEEKEND | Fish Fry Dinner & Live Music at Sheridan Elevator

THIS WEEKEND | Fish Fry Dinner & Live Music at Sheridan Elevator

Friday Night Fish Fry Dinner at Sheridan Elevator Happening Weekly & Live Music Most Weekends

SHERIDAN, IL–Located just 35 miles outside of Naperville, Sheridan Elevator stands out as a perfect destination for those seeking a blend of exceptional food, live music, and unforgettable memories. This venue has garnered a strong following due to its country hometown charm and down-to-earth atmosphere, attracting visitors from all over Chicagoland.

THIS WEEKEND | Fish Fry Dinner & Live Music at Sheridan Elevator

What sets Sheridan Elevator apart is not just its offerings but also its unique history. Once a grain elevator serving the farm community of Sheridan, the distinctive building was refinished by the visionary Ron Schmoker, designed to be more than just a typical venue—it was meant to be a place where people could truly come together, unwind, and create lasting memories. The thoughtful design, architecture and rustic appeal of Sheridan Elevator embody a sense of inclusivity and warmth, making it a welcoming spot for individuals of all backgrounds.

A Must-Visit for the Experiential Enthusiast Who Loves Good Ol' Fashioned Fun 

From lively music performances by some of the areas hottest bands to themed events that spark creativity and joy, Sheridan Elevator curates experiences that resonate with its diverse audience. Whether you're looking to enjoy a delicious meal, tap your feet to live tunes, or partake in one-of-a-kind happenings, this venue offers a versatile space for everyone to enjoy.

Embrace the spirit of community, good vibes, and genuine hospitality at Sheridan Elevator—a testament to Ron Schmoker's vision and a beloved gem in Chicagoland's social scene.

Don't miss the fish fry dinner at Sheridan Elevator!