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SAVORY & SWEET SISTERS | Poundcake Bakery


Pound cake originates in Northern Europe and dates back to the early 1700s. It gets its name from the ingredients in which it is made, a pound each of flour, eggs, butter and sugar. The recipe would provide a cake large enough to feed several families. Through the years a smaller, less dense cake evolved. Bev Hudson grew up on the South Side of Chicago baking pound cake and other favorites with her Grandmother and Mother. She learned the baking secrets and watched as they loved to fuss over the pound cake and strived for perfection in baking. With the love of tradition and wanting to honor those she baked with Bev’s new adventure began on August 23, 2019 as she opened her doors to Poundcake Bakery in downtown Lisle.

The cozy bakery wraps you in warmth while the sweet smells waft through the air. Bev’s pound cake has a soft buttery crumb and is perfectly dense without being dry. The decadent pound cake can be found in many flavors such as vanilla, lemon blueberry, key lime, lemon, Mexican Hot Chocolate and our favorite Chocolate Hazelnut. Along with those are seasonal offerings which include, Eggnog, Red Velvet Chocolate, Harvest Home and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Put a dollop of Southwestern Michigan Buttery fruit butter on your pound cake for a unique flavor. Other favorites you can find in the case are both savory and sweet quick breads, Kolacky, muffins, cookies, and scones. The menu includes diabetic friendly items.

In 2018 Bev’s daughter Liz was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. When Liz went into remission in May 2019, she wanted to find a way to give back. Liz’s love of baking pies began in her early teens when her Dad, Paul wanted an apple pie. Finding comfort in baking it seemed like a natural way to help support charities for people who have been impacted by cancer. When purchasing a Paulie’s Pie you can be part of the gift of giving back.

Need a gift? Poundcake bakery offers custom festive baskets and platters. Heading to a holiday party? Bring a Paulie’s Pie or a tray of Bev’s famous Kolacky. Order by December, 16 to enjoy in time for the holidays.

Bev invites you to try her pound cake with attitude this holiday

Poundcake Bakery

4714 Main Street, Lisle (630)234-9700

Owner/Baker: Bev Hudson

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