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REAL ESTATE STORIES | Two Naperville Couples Who are Friends Relocate Together to North Carolina


NAPERVILLE/NORTH CAROLINA–Kathy and Kevin Doherty (pictured middle) moved to the Tall Grass neighborhood in the summer of 2000 followed shortly in the fall by Kathleen and Adam Weisman (pictured above). They lived in their homes across the street from each other for over twenty years. The Weisman’s son Daniel is the same age as the Doherty twins, Michael and Megan; and Amy Weisman is the same age as Sean Doherty which made raising their families together a natural bonding experience.

Over the years the two couples spent vacations together including time at the Weisman's second home on Lake Norman in Sailview of Denver, NC. As the children grew and the two couples became empty nesters and their jobs subsequently changed to remote and/or retired; it prompted the couples to embark on a cross country move together and list their homes with Penny O'Brien of Baird & Warner, who consistently ranks as one of the top agents in Naperville. In 2021, her listings received 200% more showings; 2.5% more list to sale price; and 34 less days on the market than the average agent due to her innovative marketing. The couples were confident Penny would translate their listings into sales and manage every detail of the timeline.

The Weisman's paved the way, making their second home their permanent home; and the Doherty’s moved just 1.5 miles down the street in the same Sailview neighborhood.

“One reason why boomers choose to live closer to their friends is to re-create or preserve their social circles back home,” Penny shares after researching Realty Today. “It surprised me when Weisman's said they bought a bigger house! They had a BIG house in Naperville! Then I researched and found that 22% of boomers purchase a bigger home so they can entertain adult children, their spouses and grandchildren; fit their lifestyle better; and have room for a live-in parent if needed.”

Boomers consciously create a support network and encourage friends to join them in the community. In this case, Sailview is on the quiet side of Lake Norman, located about 20 miles northwest of Charlotte in the friendly town of Denver, NC. It offers easy access to the lake and the many activities that go with it.

The Weisman’s home is on a lake, they have a boat and the couples enjoy book club, golf and pickleball. It's no surprise that Kathleen says they run into people from Naperville all the time that are usually identifiable with hometown apparel, such as the one time they struck up a conversation with someone that had a Tommy Nevin's Pub shirt on!

The Doherty’s and Weisman’s relish life and find joy in the journey while treasuring the heart of what helped them along the way - true friendship.

“A home is not a mere transient shelter; its essence lies in the personalities of the people who live it” -H.L. Mencken

-Kristen Kucharski, Photos Submitted

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