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COVER STORY | Trendy Home: Clarendon Hills Designer Shares on the Latest Home Design Trends


CLARENDON HILLS–The furniture you choose for your home reflects your personality. The beautiful blue chair on the cover is located in a traditional home with transitional elements in the Western suburbs of Chicago.

“We felt this chair had a classic aesthetic to fit into not only the architecture of the home, but the client’s style,” says Janet Linly, Owner, Linly Designs in Clarendon Hills. “We tend to not follow trends; rather, we get inspired by them and set our own!”

They loved working in the room where this chair found its home because the client was so down to earth and easygoing and really made the project fun; a great reminder to homeowners that designing a room shouldn’t be stressful but filled with enjoyment that will serve as the foundation for creating lasting memories in a beautiful space.

Choosing classic and timeless looks will stand the test of time.

“By doing so, what goes out of trend in a couple of years won’t need to be redone,” Janet reiterates. “Classic elements in a kitchen include brass or nickel hardware (mix your metals), natural stone like marble or granite, and neutral colors that will be loved for years to come.”

She further suggests that anytime you decide to renovate, you should of course be aware of what is current, but ultimately, achieve the aesthetics not only for the space, but for the architecture of the home.

“Often, mistakes are made due to not taking into consideration the home’s overall style,” Janet adds. “Something you see in a California home on HGTV may not be the best fit for the Chicago suburbs. It’s important to stay true to your home’s architecture.”

Inspiration comes from around the world. Designers travel extensively to see traditional designs reinvented in a new way, making classic relevant and fresh again with the help of global and local resources to produce beautiful, custom, one of a kind, high-end products.

The ultimate key to great design is capturing the spirit of your personality and the essence of the space.

-Kristen Kucharski, Photo by Linly Designs


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