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NEW IN TOWN | Sure Shot Pickleball Opens Dedicated Indoor Facility in Naperville

Sure Shot Pickleball Opens Dedicated Indoor Facility in Naperville


NAPERVILLE–The sport of pickleball is growing at an unprecedented pace nationwide, and now a new facility is open to bring much-needed courts, teaching professionals and leagues to the western suburbs of Chicago. Sure Shot Pickleball, opening Sunday, September 17, promises to deliver what pickleball enthusiasts crave about the sport, providing an exceptional space for players of all ages and skill levels.

The facility, located at 2244 Corporate Lane, Suite 100, Naperville, iL 60563, will boast more than 27,000 square feet of dedicated playing space that meets the highest standards of the sport. Sure Shot Pickleball will become the region’s ultimate destination for pickleball lovers in addition to hosting tournaments and other events throughout the year.

Sure Shot Pickleball Opens Dedicated Indoor Facility in Naperville

The Sure Shot Pickleball facility will include:

● 11 Indoor, Professional-Grade Surfaced Courts: These courts provide optimal playing conditions throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

● Player Amenities: The facility offers convenient changing rooms, spacious seating areas, and a pro shop stocked with high-quality pickleball gear and accessories. There is also a lounge area where players can relax, socialize, drink and watch games on large, high-definition screens.

● Private Event Space: The venue will feature a private space to host corporate events, parties, charity events, birthdays, fundraisers and more.

● Professional Coaching and Training: Sure Shot Pickleball will provide professional coaching and training programs for players of all ages and skill levels. Expert instructors will be available for everyone from beginners seeking to learn the fundamentals to advanced players looking to fine-tune their skills.

● Advanced Lighting System: The facility features cutting-edge lighting technology designed specifically for pickleball courts. This ensures perfect visibility and enhances the playing experience for players of all levels.

● Climate Control: Sure Shot Pickleball maintains a comfortable climate throughout the year, offering players a pleasant environment to enjoy their games without being affected by external temperatures and weather conditions.

● Convenient Location: It’s very conveniently accessed via I-88 and Route 59 in Naperville.

Sure Shot Pickleball Opens Dedicated Indoor Facility in Naperville

“We are thrilled to bring Sure Shot Pickleball to Naperville and the Chicagoland area,” said Tim Kelly, co-owner of the facility. “Our goal is to create a vibrant and inclusive community of pickleball enthusiasts while offering a top-notch facility that meets the needs of players at every level. With our exceptional amenities and commitment to excellence, we aim to elevate the pickleball experience for all.”

To celebrate the upcoming opening, Sure Shot Pickleball is offering a special “Founding Membership” for those who join during the first month.

Sure Shot Pickleball invites everyone to join in the excitement of the fastest-growing sport in America. To learn more about the facility and upcoming events, visit

About Sure Shot Pickleball: Sure Shot Pickleball is a premier indoor pickleball facility located in Naperville, Ill. With a commitment to providing a world-class pickleball experience, the facility offers 11 professional-grade courts, cutting-edge amenities, and expert coaching. Sure Shot Pickleball aims to foster a vibrant community of pickleball enthusiasts while promoting the growth and enjoyment of the sport.

Media Resources: Contact us for access to images of the facility or to arrange interviews with pickleball teaching professionals or players. Contact Tim Kelly, co-owner, at (630) 728-5906 or

Pickleball Facts:

● 8.9 million Americans played pickleball in 2022, according to the Sports and Fitness Association of America, and it’s been the fastest-growing sport in the country for three years in a row. Participation increased by 85.7 percent in 2022 and 158.6 percent over the last three years.

● Pickleball was created in 1965 by three men in Bainbridge Island, Washington, who invented the game for their kids. They combined the rules of tennis, badminton and table tennis and started with equipment they pulled together from their garages.

● The origin of the name pickleball is of some debate, but according to USA Pickleball, the name derives from a reference to the “pickle boat” in the sport of crew, which is a race of non-starters thrown together at the event.

● Pickleball is played on a court 20 feet wide and 44 feet long, similar in size to a doubles badminton court.