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MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | Weber Grill Restaurant & Academy


It was not what I expected!

We walked onto a gorgeous covered patio, staged perfectly in front of a beautiful fountained lake, set with an abundance of charcoal and gas grills, and an array of seasonings and utensils.

Chef Klaus was in the house and brought his energy and passion for grilling to our class which was the perfect mix of couples, buddies, and parents with adult children.

Selecting our class was no easy task given the broad options that go well beyond the typical land and sea possibilities and also run year round. This time of year, the choices include Reef & Beef, Tacos & Margaritas, Pizzeria Weber, Tailgating & Football, Retro Backyard

Favorites, Smoke and Ebers, Wine & Dine, Prime Rib Rotisserie, Grilling with Bacon & Bloody Mary, and even a upcoming Kid’s Halloween Grilling Class, and Thanksgiving Feast!

We chose the classic Surf & Turf and started out in amazement when we learned to grill our romaine lettuce as an opener for our salad! Who knew you could grill lettuce!

Chef Klaus competentently shared his knowledge in an engaging and interactive presentation. He then sent us to our individual stations to turn his instructions into our own personal masterpieces.

We laughed as we tried to mimic his cutting and cracking of the lobster shell and display beautifully butterflied lobster tails as he exhibited. Some did it much more gracefully than I, but they all made it to the grill along with the petite filet of beef, and herb grilled asparagus.

As a group we worked together to prepare our individual plates. After creating each sensational course, we ate at a communal table.

Learn, grill, eat, repeat! So after our romaine, we ate caesar salad; after our reef & beef, we dined; then headed back out to grill our dessert - pound cake with roasted strawberries! Yum!!

It was the perfect evening of education, entertainment, and enjoyment filled with friendship, food, and fun!

The ambience was casual and pleasing and made for a perfect #MomsBlackBookAdventure.


The Weber Grill Academy provides monthly cooking classes, wine and beer dinners, patio parties, menu tastings, and more. The Academy offers both in-person and virtual classes for private groups as well as scheduled events. The classes are packed with grilling tips, good food, and fun!

Weber Grill Restaurant & Academy

2331 Fountain Square

Lombard • (630) 953-8880

Hours: See website for schedule, also available at Schaumburg location


Kristen Kucharski’s days are never dull, her kids are never bored! Over the years #MomsLittleBlackBook has explored hundreds of kid friendly things to do in our surrounding community and on the road. As her girls have grown and gone away to college, she continues to enjoy unique activities, excursions, day trips, weekend get-a-aways, and road trips while rediscovering my own passion for adventure with friends, girls nights outs, and date nights. In her words “Life is a journey–might as well have fun along the way. Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, discover!”


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