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MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | The Cauldron Chicago

MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | The Cauldron Chicago


CHICAGO–It is no secret that #MomsLittleBlackBook has a passion for unique experiences and that October is by far my most favorite month of the year! I love all things Fall and Halloween, not to mention it is also my birthday month. Since I have difficulty dragging my friends to haunted houses, I tried another avenue this year and stepped into a world of magic and mixology at The Cauldron in Chicago. This whimsical establishment, with its promise of immersive wizardry and craft cocktails, had captured my curiosity immediately, so I enlisted my three best friends and decided to embark on this fantastical journey.

The moment we stepped through the door of The Cauldron, we were transported to a realm where fantasy meets reality. The dimly lit interior, adorned with flickering candles and mystical artifacts, set the stage for an enchanting night. It was as if it had been plucked from the pages of a storybook.

MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | The Cauldron Chicago

Our group was greeted by a friendly and enthusiastic "wizard" who became our guide for the evening. Armed with magic wands and enchanted potions, we eagerly dove into our potions class, taking our first sip from a floating unicorn!

We took turns measuring ingredients and concocting drinks using receipts from our spellbook. Each sip felt like pure magic, and the collaborative nature of the activity encouraged us to let loose and be kids again.

The Cauldron offers regular bar and table dining, plus child sessions for witches and wizards under the age of 21 (must be 5+) on specific days. Potion experiences can also be alcohol free for any age at any time!

We donned our cloaks, wielded our magic wands and used molecular mixology to brew drinkable elixirs to remember!

MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | The Cauldron Chicago


Potion Making at The Cauldron® Chicago is an immersive class where you step into the imagined worlds of your childhood through molecular mixology, science and technology. Table reservations are also available to enjoy general drinking and dining. The menu changes by the season.

The Cauldron Chicago

1612 W. Division Street

Chicago, IL 60622

(732) 538-7630

Hours: Check website for experiences

Price $: Prices vary depending on experience selected

MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | The Cauldron Chicago


Kristen Kucharski’s days are never dull, her kids are never bored! Over the years #MomsLittleBlackBook has explored hundreds of kid friendly things to do in our surrounding community and on the road. As her girls have grown and gone away to college, she continues to enjoy unique activities, excursions, day trips, weekend get-a-aways, and road trips while rediscovering my own passion for adventure with friends, girls nights outs, and date nights. In her words “Life is a journey–might as well have fun along the way. Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, discover!”

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