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MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | Mish Mash Adventures In Aurora

by Kristen Kucharski


After recently competing in the Naperville Jaycees Amazing Race with a group of very energetic gals, I was itching to do something similar again. As a new empty nester, I am grateful to be surrounded by a group of friends that are as adventurous and competitive as I am. I love that there are so many exciting, all-ages activities in our community that maintain my thrill-seeking ways even sans kids off at college.

If you know me, you know I am huge fan of the show Survivor; even running backyard games for years for all the neighborhood kids, as well as with Special Survivor Games for Indian Prairie School District 204. I absolutely love a good challenge combined with some healthy competition.

I’m pretty sure Mish Mash Adventures was created with me in mind. We went with a team of 5 which I think was the perfect number. Each room was a timed challenge. Some physical, some mental, some a combination of both. I would highly suggest dressing comfy, wearing your gym shoes, bringing your water bottle, and preparing for a good workout! If you share my competitive spirit, you will not want to leave the room until you have successfully completed the activity at hand. We scaled walls, “swam” over balls, leaped over “lava”, pushed buttons, threw balls, and then some. We giggled, screamed, crawled, ran, snorted, and hung on to each other for dear life to beat the 10 second rule. I am still laughing at our spirited antics to beat the system.

Mish Mash Adventures is open to all ages but is recommended for those over ten. Although it can be quite physical, you can choose

to do any room challenge you want – so you can skip rooms and customize your experience to meet your personal physical and/or mental ability.

This truly is the ultimate indoor adventure!


MISH MASH is an urban adventure where teams work together to complete the challenges that are hidden behind every door. The first of its kind, this is an environment where you can escape and play, all while challenging yourself and your team. If you grew up wishing you could be on all the TV adventure game shows such as Double Dare™, American Gladiators™, and Legends of the Hidden Temple™ – this place was created for you.

Mish Mash Adventures

2402 Fox Valley Mall, Aurora

(630) 339-3609 •

Hours: Varies based on date selected

Price $: $30/participant


Naperville mom Kristen Kucharski graduated from Illinois State University in 1992 with an International Business Degree. She has two energetic daughters and her house is always full of children. Kristen’s column titled, Mom's Little Black Book, is a monthly feature written for moms who are looking for ways to keep their kids busy. Read her past columns at


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