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MODERN MINDED WOMEN | Becky Rivich Keporos

by Kristen Kucharski


Each west suburban woman featured this month is filled with ambition and drive, with an undying dedication to their passion. They are driven and creative– each a master multi-tasker who is living a balanced lifestyle while making a positive difference in the lives of others. From giving back to the community through leadership, to helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals, each story will inspire and encourage you in the new year!


Becky Rivich Keporos

Modere, Online Entrepreneur

OSWEGO/NAPERVILLE–Becky has learned to train her mind to see the good in every situation, inclusive of the overall attention to one’s health due to the worldwide pandemic. It has heightened her personal interest in the well-being of others, prompting an involvement with modern advancements to reduce exposure to the worrisome chemicals and compounds that surround us every day.

She is passionate about working for a company that offers a new approach to modern health creating a haven for overall family wellness. Becky loves the clean label alternatives, the flexibility of being able to create her own work schedule, the convenience of working from home, and navigating a new career that fits her active and healthy lifestyle as a busy single mom of three adult children.

Photos by Mike Catuara

“Being happy and confident are the prettiest things you can wear,” she says. “Knowing who you really are is true beauty.”

Becky feels she has untapped potential and is the happiest she has ever been which is a strong statement coming off a year that has been difficult for many. As a board member, foster, and volunteer with animal control, as well as involvement with Family Counseling Services in Aurora, service work is a huge part of what keeps Becky balanced.

Prioritizing lists of needs, wants, and must be done activities for each day helps her maintain an organized schedule and ensure contentment in today’s busy modern world.


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