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LITERARY LOCAL | Sharon Doering of Naperville

by Mindy Kyle


It has been a long writing journey for Naperville author Sharon Doering who has been writing for over twenty years. She started writing short stories in her twenties as an escape from a draining job, then wrote three novels before she landed an agent and four more novels before a publisher offered her a book deal. “When I sat down to write my first short story, I fell madly in love with the process,” says Sharon. “I was persistent. She Lies Close, a darkly comedic psychological thriller, is my first traditionally published novel.”

In She Lies Close, recently divorced Grace Wright moves her two small children into a new house, hoping for a fresh start, hoping to reset her crippling insomnia but learns she moved right next door to the only suspect in the kidnapping of five-

year-old Ava Boone. “I took the premise of a dangerous next-door neighbor and added a big old bag of What Ifs,” Sharon explains. “I wanted to write a dark, desperate and funny thriller where the characters are stretched too far, and we witness some of them snap.”

Currently writing at home and doing the e-learning shuffle with her three kids, Sharon has a second psychological thriller coming this summer. You can find She Lies Close everywhere books are sold.