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LITERARY LOCAL | Music Teacher Writes Best Selling Children's Book, Rhythm Rescue


Author of Rhythm Rescue

GURNEE–March is Music in Our Schools Month and the perfect month to discover the interactive musical picture books written by Gurnee music educator and author, Vicky Weber. “My whole life, I’ve been a reader, and it broke my heart to see how many of my students loved music but disliked reading,” says Vicky. “I believe you just have to find the right book.” She noted that amongst children’s books, she could not find any that introduced musical concepts. So, she decided she would write them herself.

In Rhythm Rescue, Vicky’s bestselling story, the main character needs the reader’s help to save the day. The kids must clap the right rhythm to activate her superpowers and keep the story moving forward. In her other books, she teaches recorder basics, tempo terms and beginning composition skills, all within a story. No musical experience required! Being Puerto Rican, Vicky worked hard to include diverse characters in all her books. “As a child, I only had two books with Puerto Rican characters,” she explains. “I never saw myself represented in children’s literature, and I wanted something different for this generation.”

Rhythm Rescue and Vicky’s other stories can be found online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and Walmart. Watch for several new musical picture books to be released this summer! -Mindy Kyle, Photos Submitted


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