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LITERARY LOCAL | Lucy Dallman of Glen Ellyn

Little Girls, Little Girls by Lucy Dallman of Glen Ellyn


GLEN ELLYN–Long time Glen Ellyn school teacher Lucy Dallman had the idea to create a series of books with a combination of music, artwork and meaningful messages for a wide range of audiences. She rounded up her collaborators, Billy Van Duzor (music) and Katherine Trumbull Fimreite (artist) to develop their first book, Little Girls, Little Girls. “This book was created out of love and a desire to leave a message for my grand girls and Billy’s daughters,” says Lucy. “It evolved into an anthem for girls and women of all ages.”

Little Girls, Little Girls is a beautiful picture book based on an original song of the same title. The illustrations within the book are watercolor landscapes which depict the lyrics of the song. The book includes a QR code directing readers to a website where the song can be heard. The final pages of the book contain the piano and guitar music for the song. The lyrics remind girls and women that their stories are important, and it is imperative for them to be heard.

Lucy and her team decided to sell their book exclusively through Independent Bookstores. Local stores include: Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn, Town House Books in St. Charles and Prairie Path Books in Wheaton. Little Girls, Little Girls was one of the top selling children’s books of 2022 at both Anderson’s Bookshop and The Bookstore.

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