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LITERARY LOCAL | Gaia’s Gifts: A-Z 26 Life Lessons from Mother Earth


NAPERVILLE–Being an elementary educator for three decades, Naperville author, Kristen Kainrath passionately believes there is nothing more important than self-confidence, self-worth, strength, compassion, empathy, grace and gratitude. Combining those attributes with her profound love and connection to nature became the catalyst for Gaia’s Gifts: A-Z 26 Life Lessons from Mother Earth, a self-reflection journal connecting lessons that can be learned from nature and applied to one’s life.

“I connected each letter of the alphabet with something from nature and connected it with a life lesson,” says Kristen. “For example, A is the lesson of the Acorn and cracking through your outer shell to emerge, flourish.” These lessons present the opportunity for the reader to deeply reflect on the miracles of nature and within themselves.

Along with her other achievements, Kristen has recently begun leading spiritual retreats and leading meditations, creating experiences for people to connect to the natural world and help find their soul’s purpose, heal trauma and any aspects related to lack of self-worth.

Currently, Gaia’s Gifts: A-Z 26 Life Lessons from Mother Earth can be found on Amazon and at Peace in Naperville.


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