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LITERARY LOCAL | Area Entrepreneur & Personal Trainer Writes Crushing the Competition with Service

by Mindy Kyle


Crushing the Competition with Service

WHEATON/GENEVA–Small business owner Hank Ebeling knows the power of good customer service. Hank is the owner of H4 Training in Wheaton and Geneva where he has helped hundreds of clients get in shape, many that have come to him off referrals. In this highly competitive field, Hank attributes his successes to delivering outstanding customer service and outstanding customer experiences. “No matter what business you are in, you can boost sales, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by crushing the competition with service,” says Hank.

Hank developed a passion for customer service early on in his career and has spent years attending seminars and courses, reading books, and listening to podcasts on the topic. When the pandemic hit, and we were all locked down, he figured this was the perfect opportunity to write a book on these skills. “I thought small business owners could use the advice and help now more than ever,” says Hank.

Crushing the Competition with Service guides business owners on developing the proper service mindset as well as developing the right team with that same mindset. It covers the best tactics and strategies to wow your customers and how to successfully handle complaints when faced with them.

Crushing the Competition with Service can be found currently on Amazon. Hank is also available for coaching on increasing profits, referrals, reviews and retention.



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