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DINING | Portillo's to Make a Big Change In their Ordering Process Mid-January


It's true that for some cash is king, but if they are headed to a Portillo's Drive-Thru after January 16, 2023, they better come prepared with their credit or debit card.

According to NBC 5 Chicago, Portillo's announced on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, that all of its restaurant locations will stop accepting cash for drive-thru orders beginning January 16, 2023. Portillo's is hoping this change will make the drive-thru ordering process faster for customers and safer for their employees at the same time.

We asked a few of our readers what they thought about the change:

"Cashless transactions are becoming more and more the norm these days. I'll still be there in the drive-thru on my lunch break– nothing can stop me! Portillo's is my FAVE" – Laura K., Naperville

"Makes total sense and I love how it's not just to speed things up in the drive-thru, but to also help keep their employees safe. Keep up the great work Portillo's!" – Sandra M., Batavia


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