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COVER STORY | Meet Home Design Enthusiast Lauren Collander of Naperville

Lauren Collander Interiors Downtown Naperville

Lauren's upbringing in Naperville has instilled in her a deep sense of pride and attachment to her hometown.  Right out of college, she embarked on a remarkable journey, showcasing her magnetic and bold personality through her career as a world-traveling designer of exquisite boutique hotels in glamorous destinations like Russia, the Virgin Islands, and Dubai. As she matured and embraced the joys of love and motherhood, Lauren yearned for stability and established her own venture, Lauren Collander Interiors within the walls of a stunning 1865 Victorian home on Jefferson. 


Lauren Collander Interiors Downtown Naperville

Her commitment to preserving the city's success is further exemplified by her active involvement on the board of the Downtown Naperville Alliance.


Lauren's passion for renovating a home to match the way a client wants to live shines through her work contributing to the restoration of the Historic 1904 Bauer Mansion. With a keen eye for detail, she skillfully incorporated timeless materials like wood and marble, while also respecting original features such as stained-glass windows and wall paneling.


One of the hallmarks of Lauren's approach is her dedication to incorporating her clients' cherished possessions into an eclectic design, finding innovative ways to repurpose them within the overall aesthetic.


Lauren envisions homes that reflect a down-to-earth elegance in 2024, tailored to the unique needs and desires of each individual. From golf simulators to champagne bars, bold wallcoverings to specialty lighting, she strives to create spaces that truly resonate with her clients. One notable project she recently completed was a Music-Lover's Family Abode, where she incorporated built-in cabinetry with deep drawers for sheet music, a recording studio, and even a jazz bar.


Every day brings new excitement and opportunities for Lauren. She recently fulfilled a long-held dream by designing an iconic home by the world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright on Delavan Lake in Wisconsin. With a rockstar team by her side, she feels grateful for the chance to collaborate with her recently retired husband, allowing them to strike a harmonious balance between work and family life.


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