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COVER STORY | Master Craftsman Cabinet Refinisher Started as an Etsy Shop, Meet Michele Fenton

Meet Michele Fenton, Founder of Tupelo Lane Designs

NAPERVILLE–Tupelo Lane Design Inc. is owned by Michele Fenton, an accomplished entrepreneur and mother of twin teenage boys. The business originated as a small Etsy shop specializing in the painting of windows and frames into chalkboards. Over time, Tupelo Lane Design Inc. expanded into craft shows and furniture refinishing, and eventually grew to custom cabinet refinishing as a Master Craftsman. Michele now leads an entire team of skilled artisans, primarily consisting of mothers and one brave father, who treat each client's home with the utmost care and respect.

Tupelo Lane Design Inc. prides itself on providing clients with professional cabinetry refinishing services, utilizing only industrial wood coatings instead of latex or big box paint. According to Michele, clients can expect to achieve a factory-like finish for only a quarter of the price of new cabinetry.

In addition, Michele has observed a shift in kitchen trends towards warmer color schemes that incorporate subtle creams and warmer tones on both cabinets and countertops, as opposed to stark white with white countertops. Michele has also noted that desks are being removed from kitchens in favor of coffee bars.

Michele's expertise in cabinet finishing is unparalleled, having trained under world-renowned cabinet finishers. She places great emphasis on proper preparation and uses only the highest quality industrial wood coatings, resulting in most kitchens being completed within 3-5 days. -Kristen Kucharski, Photos by Mike Catuara


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