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COVER STORY | Kathryn Arena of Glen Prairie

Kathryn Arena of Glen Prairie
Kathryn Arena of Glen Prairie


GLEN ELLYN/CAROL STREAM/VILLA PARK–Kat has been working Glen Prairie Local Flavor Fine Food & Drink in Glen Ellyn since 2013 and enjoys having a career where she can express her authenticity through creating cocktails and a place where everyone feels welcome.

She is described as an Old Soul that's a cross between a quintessential 30's bartender and a cutting edge craft cocktail rockstar; and is best known for her catchphrase, “What are you thinking, what are you drinking!

Kathryn Arena of Glen Prairie
Kathryn Arena of Glen Prairie

Glen Prairie promotes organic farming and sustainable practices allowing Kat the freedom to build cocktails from the ground up and experiment with new ingredients.

Her vivacious personality and iconic laugh can be found at work and home where she enjoys volunteering for events like DuPage Pads Taste of Hope, Meal on Wheels Celebrity Chef's Brunch, and Northern Illinois Food Bank a Taste that Matters. She also loves hiking with her rescue Paulie, cooking, and watching documentaries.

Kathryn Arena of Glen Prairie
Kathryn Arena of Glen Prairie


Favorite cocktail to mix?

Passionfruit Mezcal Sour! Citrus from the passion fruit, smoke from the mezcal, creaminess from the egg white.

Favorite cocktail to drink?

Sapphire and Tonic, a Bourbon Old Fashioned, or a shot of Malort!

Most unique ingredient you've ever mixed with?

Beet Juice! Beet Juice Syrup Reduction, with FEW Barrel Aged Gin, and Fresh Rosemary, with a splash of lemon soda.

Most unique garnish you've ever used to decorate with?

Smoked Cherries- Dehydrated bing cherries are rehydrated and smoked in-house for Smoked Cherry Old Fashions. Fresh edible flowers are also used from their offsite rooftop garden.

Favorite local place for craft cocktails or brews besides your place of business?


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