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COVER STORY | A Very Vintage Christmas, Meet Local Designer Jocelyn Reimann

Bringing the Charm of Yesteryear Back to Life through Her Designs

GLEN ELLYN/AURORA–Jocelyn Reimann, a vintage enthusiast and owner of The Green Door, has been spreading the joy of a vintage Christmas in the Chicago area for over two decades. With her business nestled inside Warehouse 55 in both the Aurora and Chicago location, she brings the charm of yesteryears back to life through her meticulously curated collections.

Reimann's love for the character, patina, and historical narratives of older items is evident in her work. Her own home, a harmonious blend of new and old, leans heavily towards the latter, mirroring her passion for vintage items.

However, it's during the festive season that Reimann's passion truly comes alive. To her, a vintage Christmas is the pinnacle of joy and nostalgia. Her collection of Shiny Brites, old lights, bottle brush trees, Santa mugs, tinsel, and more are not just holiday decorations; they are vessels of joy and carriers of happy memories. These vintage treasures, when arranged into displays and vignettes, can transform any space into a winter wonderland straight out of a storybook.

Residing in Glen Ellyn, Reimann eagerly anticipates decking her halls each year. The moment when she unpacks her Christmas decor is filled with anticipation and excitement. Each item, handpicked and cherished, is a testament to her love for the vintage aesthetic and her dedication to recreating that magical, old-world Christmas charm.

Through The Green Door, Reimann invites everyone to experience the magic of a vintage Christmas. Her work goes beyond selling items; it's about sharing a piece of history, reviving the age-old Christmas spirit, and creating a sense of joy and nostalgia that only a vintage Christmas can provide.

For those looking to add a touch of vintage charm to their holiday celebrations, a visit to The Green Door at Warehouse 55 promises a magical journey back in time. -Lindy Kleivo, Photos Submitted


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