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BYE BARBIE! | Barbie Cafe is Leaving Chicago Mid-October, Visit this Iconic Pop-Up Before It's Gone

Fall is Here, But it's Still Summer in Malibu! Soak Up All the Beachy Vibes at the Malibu Barbie Cafe Before it Leaves Chicago

Malibu is still making waves in Chicago through this fall with the Malibu Barbie Cafe, but not for too much longer. Kick back and have fun while enjoying this immersive dining experience.

As soon as you step into the trendy cafe, you’ll be transported to 1970s Malibu California with a sea of poptimistic Barbie colors, laid-back beachy motifs, and lots of retro glam. Soak up the Cali vibes as you explore the immersive space inspired by Malibu Barbie, including an iconic life-size Barbie Box, made for snapping photos with your best pose. Our menu, by Chef Becky Brown (Master Chef Finalist), was created with all tastes and preferences in mind, and features a delicious array of classics with a unique Barbie-inspired twist.

The Malibu Barbie Cafe allows guests to experience the ultimate form of Barbie-inspired dining. The Malibu Barbie Cafe will be a casual restaurant emphasizing friendly fare, delicious desserts, and a variety of drinks. The pop-up will also come complete with exclusive merchandise and a variety of signature moments for fans to interact with.

Whether you're a longtime Barbie fan, celebrating a special occasion, or just gathering with friends, we’ve got something for everyone here. This one-of-a-kind experience is perfect for making memories with your BFFs, kids, family, date, or girl squad. See you soon at the Malibu Barbie Cafe!

🗓️ Closing Date: October 15th, 2023

📍Malibu Barbie Cafe: 324 S. Racine Ave, Chicago


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