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ARTIST OF THE WEEK | Lisa Dzuricsko of Lisle

by Mindy Kyle


Much of Lisle artist Lisa Dzuriscsko’s subject matter comes from personal experience. She explains that the stories are from friends and family. Some of the stories are tragic. “I attempt rewrites of these stories, peopling the narration with animal characters as stand-ins,” says Lisa. “It is an attempt to work through grief and challenges in a respectful way.”

Growing up, Lisa was introduced to art by watching her mother draw and still treasures a colored pencil portrait her mom made of her when she was in 2nd grade. In college, she took a few art classes and felt she had found her place. This eventually drew her to the School of the Art Institute in Chicago where she earned her Master in Fine Arts, and still works in a collaboration group formed by fellow graduates called MotherArt:Revisited.

An art teacher for 21 years at Marmion Academy in Aurora, Lisa feels very fortunate to be able to expose her students to a variety of art styles. “There are so many forms of art to explore,” says Lisa. “It is important for them to see traditional work, but also be exposed to contemporary art, then pick the styles that call to them.”

View more of Lisa’s art by following her on Instagram @mzlisadz.