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ARTIST OF THE WEEK | Lee Ann Zirbes of Plainfield


When Plainfield artist, Lee Ann Zirbes was in Kindergarten, her teacher told her mother that she was constantly drawing and coloring flowers on people’s hats and buttons on their coats during art. She was already beginning to dabble in a passion that she followed and nurtured throughout her years. Now, a full-time artist, wife, mother, grandmother and homemaker, Lee Ann works to find ways to juggle her art and other responsibilities to keep to a regular painting schedule. “I spend time looking at photos, books, paintings and gather ideas for the piece that I am going to create,” says Lee Ann. “Many times, the end-result comes out quite differently than the original idea. It’s all an adventure.”

Although she painted with oil for years, she decided to switch her efforts to acrylics on canvas to avoid the harsh chemicals associated with oil paints, solvents and turpentine. Lee Ann finds herself drawn to the works of early impressionists, fauvist and expressionist painters. “I have a tendency to paint like Monet, but I have seen other artists’ styles influencing my work as well,” she says.

Lee Ann exhibits her artwork at the Art Center Gallery in Naperville as well as other locations in Naperville’s Art Around Town Exhibit. Stretched canvas prints, framed matted prints or poster art online can be seen and purchased on her website, or through Lee Ann Zirbes Art on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.