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A GIRL NAMED... Ari Wise of Ari's Flowers

Ari Wise of Ari's Flowers in Wheaton & Downers Grove
Ari Wise of Ari's Flowers



Ari Wise, described as Kind, Energetic and Hardworking, loves bringing fresh flowers to the local farmer's market, including Wheaton’s French Market and the Downers Grove Farmer’s Market, each week. Her business, Ari's Flowers, has been loved by market goers for over 26 years.

“I feel very blessed to have a job that brings me such joy; it is just so rewarding to see all our repeat friends & customers stop by our booth weekly to say hello and make their flower selections,” shared Ari.

When it comes to weekending in the western suburbs, this local floral extraordinaire enjoys the suburbs and all of the local festivals and events they offer, kicking off each weekend with an early and quiet Friday evening where you might spot her at Suzette's Creperie in Wheaton or Wasabi for sushi in Downers Grove– two of her favorites.

"One of the best places to shop for gifts is the Wheaton French Market, where I spend my Saturdays. I love the suburbs and I especially love that there is so much to do locally. There are so many great restaurants and beautiful outdoor dining spaces to choose from and I love the little town festivals and events for something fun to do. I never have to go too far to enjoy the weekend,” she shared.

Ari Wise of Ari's Flowers in Wheaton & Downers Grove
Ari Wise of Ari's Flowers Pictured with Her Team on Mother's Day

Although Ari hasn't had much free time for hobbies, she's starting to think about finding some to enjoy as her children grow older. Busy each week preparing for the weekend, Saturdays at the market are her favorite weekend day, where she visits with friends and customers while being surrounded by happy faces.

"After a day at the market, you will always find me stopping at my mother's house with a handful of flowers and a hug. My next stop is usually dining alfresco with my honey somewhere near home in Downers Grove," she added.

Sundays are for family and relaxation, usually with a stop at her mother's house and dining alfresco with her partner.

Ari loves watching Netflix series while cuddled up on the couch. We asked her to share a bit more about herself by choosing which one she is most like in the list above. Check it out & be sure to follow Ari's business in social media.

This Article Appeared in Glancer® Weekend 7-20-23


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