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MANY LEFT SPEECHLESS | Riots, Destruction, Violence Against Police In Chicago Saturday Night

Photo Credit: Jesus Salazar


The city of Chicago is tragically bruised this morning after a violent evening of riots and looting took place Saturday night. The senseless destruction came after peaceful protests were held throughout the city in the afternoon, with un-peaceful protests later that led to criminal activity including illegal riots, looting and violence throughout the city. Police were attacked, dragged and assaulted with objects thrown at them. CBS2-News reported more than 100 police officers were hospitalized.

Peaceful protests have later turned into violent events like this across the nation in recent days. These two very different types of events are in the wake of the death of George Floyd. The 46-year-old died tragically after a police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes, while Floyd pleaded for his life. Peaceful, non-violent protests were held in downtown Chicago on both Friday and Saturday honoring the life of George Floyd.

As many area Chicagoans watched in shock on LIVE TV and in social media, many downtown Chicago landmarks were vandalized, leaving a path of destruction that most have never seen before. Longtime businesses are demolished, iconic streetscapes are damaged and broken glass, graffiti and burn piles are scattered throughout city blocks. The WIT Hotel was among one of the vandalized locations, as depicted in the photo below shared by an area resident, who noted how sad it was to see this happening, as The WIT Hotel was where he held his very first job.

Alexis McAdams of ABC-7 News reported LIVE on the streets of Chicago until midnight Saturday, giving viewers an up-close view of just exactly what was happening from block to block. Her reporting showed violent looting, mass destruction, senseless vandalism, and violence against the police. Her efforts were both brave and remarkable, giving viewers an inside look at what exactly was happening on Chicago's city streets. Another ABC-7 News reporter caught up with masked protesters on the sidewalk, asking them why they were there. They replied "Because we hate the police." The protester pictured below created a social media frenzy when he stole this police horse and starting riding it around city streets.

Photo Credit: Jesus Salazar


Yahoo! News is reporting that John Cusack was filming protests and riots in the city when approached by the police. The Say Anything actor has been using social media to document the protests, writing on Twitter: “Cops didn’t like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons. Hitting my bike.”

In the video of the incident, also posted by Cusack, a police officer can be heard shouting at Cusack to move, alongside sounds of metal hitting metal.

“Alright, alright,” Cusack is heard replying.

In a separate tweet, Cusack said he had also been “hit by pepper spray” during the protests.

Several states are deploying their National Guard during these protests and imposing curfews to prevent people from staying out on the streets while this is happening or risk their arrest. Chicago has mandated a curfew "until further notice".

As the sun is shining down on Chicago on this beautiful Sunday morning, many area residents are left speechless with little, to no words spoken regarding what occurred in our beloved city last evening. Today, the community remains hopeful for a peaceful day of protesting in the name of George Floyd. -Lindy Kleivo, Photos Submitted