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7 SPECTACULAR | Trending Halloween Party Themes

Trending Halloween Party Themes


Three components to planning a great Halloween party include a fun theme, creative treats and exciting entertainment. Here are some fun party theme ideas with food & entertainment ideas to match. Remember, the main goal of any Halloween party is to have fun. Enjoy!

1. Spooky Movie Marathon

Turn your living room into a home theater and host a family-friendly Halloween movie night. Include classics like "Hocus Pocus", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", and "Casper". Serve up popcorn balls and other creative treats in fun Halloween dishes.

2. Pumpkin Carving Party

Host a pumpkin carving party where everyone can participate and show off their creativity. You can even have a contest for the best designs. Serve pumpkin-themed treats throughout the party and request that everyone come wearing their favorite pumpkin-inspired outfit.

3. Haunted House

Transform your home into a haunted house. You can assign each family member a room to decorate and create a spooktacular walkthrough experience. Remember to set your lighting just right and add some larger-than-life decor props via DIY websites and Pinterest.

4. Monster Bash

A monster-themed party is always a frightful and fun hit. Encourage friends and family members to dress up as their favorite monsters, and decorate the house with monster-themed decorations. Serve up monster-inspired treats like monster claw cupcakes and spooky eyeball beverages.

5. Witch’s Tea Party

Organize a witch's tea party with spooky snacks and drinks. You could serve 'witch's brew' (green punch), 'bat wings' (chicken wings), and other fun, themed foods. Have one guests dress as the ‘witch of the evening’ and have her cast spells on guests and lead a variety of witch-inspired games. Use Tarot cards to scatter down the center of the table and black witch hats as centerpieces.

6. Superhero vs Villains

Not all Halloween parties have to be scary. A superhero vs villians theme can be a fun twist, especially for younger party goers. Guests can come dressed as their favorite characters and play fun superhero-inspired games while snacking on uniquely creative treats.

7. Harry Potter Party

A Harry Potter-themed party can be magical. You can set up different areas of your home to represent parts of Hogwarts, serve Butterbeer, and have a Sorting Hat ceremony. The mystical theme can provide for unique decor such as hanging witch hats luminaries, wands and so much more. Add cobwebs here, there and everywhere to add some spooky flare.

Trending Halloween Party Themes


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