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SCENE AROUND SUBURBIA | Project Mobility Hops for Hope 5K  (May 18)


Project Mobility Craft Beer Run, Hops for Hopes 5K (May 18) Nonprofit organization Project Mobility of St. Charles held their third annual Hops for Hope 5k Beer Run/Walk Saturday, May 18th at Mount Saint Mary Park, drawing over 700 participants.

Their annual Craft Beer Fun Run is one of their signature fundraisers that is vital to raising the funds to further their mission of providing the freedom of mobility to children, adults and wounded soldiers through adaptive cycling.

Hops for Hope 5K featured six craft beer stops along the 5K course followed by their Awards Ceremony in the park with live entertainment, local restaurants, vendors, announcement of winners, Adaptive Bike Giveaway and of course more craft beer. The unique twist on the 5K brought over 700 participants including the Mayor of St. Charles, Ray Rogina, who kicked off the race and announced “this is officially a signature event in St. Charles”.

A young gentlemen named Nick reached out to Project Mobility asking for help to receive an adaptive bike after his diving accident. Nick explained "...when I dove in I had the angle of my dive a little off and tucked my head a bit too low, so it caught the sandy bottom of the lake and it pulled my chin down to my chest and also must have compressed my head downward as well. This caused a burst fracture of my C6 vertebrate. I was then left floating face down in the water trying to move to shore with the little arm movement I had at the time..."

Prior to his accident he was an avid bike rider and would ride 5 times a week. The nonprofit knew right away they needed to help him. Through the generosity of the participants, donors, sponsors and volunteers the goal was met and Nick will now be enjoying his adaptive bike this summer and regaining his freedom of mobility back.

Save the date for Project Mobility’s Fourth Annual Hops for Hope 5K on Saturday, May 16, 2020* (upon approval).

Photos Submitted by Project Mobility