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MODERN WOMEN | Meet ​Tiffany Leung of Batavia/Oak Brook


BATAVIA/OAK BROOK–Tiffany has earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences degree; she co-owns Align Dentistry in Schiller Park and Batavia with her husband; has a 3-year old son; and also participated in the ADA foundation’s Give Kids A Smile program providing free oral health services for underserved kids in the area.

As a modern business woman, she is willing to do any task for the business whether it is buying office supplies or seeing an emergency patient after hours; and loves the flexibility in her schedule to always be present for her son. Tiffany has grown to realize she can’t do it all and has learned the art of asking for help when she needs it or delegating tasks to those she trusts.

Believing we all have the capability to do more than we can ever imagine, she encourages people to learn new skills while being kind to others.As her young son has begun to mimic those around him, she is inspired to continue to be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, and dentist that she can be and demonstrate respectable actions and words through her daily activities.. -Kristen Kucharski





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