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WEST SUBURBAN VIP | One Cool Radio Guy, Meet Steve Cochran of WGN Radio

STEVE COCHRAN WGN Radio, The Steve Cochran Show WEST SUBURBAN CHICAGO–Steve appeared in “Grumpy Old Men” as the TV weatherman; has performed with Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and Gary Shandling, and has also appeared on all the major networks as a talk show guest or news story.

He moved to Naperville on June 17, 1994 – one of the most watched nights of television – the night of the OJ slow speed Bronco chase.

Since working in radio and television, he has met six U.S. Presidents, Actor Tom Hanks, Singer Dennis DeYoung, and Chicago Mayor Emanuel; but is most moved and inspired by the many parents he has met and featured on the show who have foundations in memory of the children they have lost.

“Their courage is incredible and should remind everyone how much we're blessed,” Steve shares. He feels personally blessed to have found his own birth mother in Chicago. “We have 15 years together now and she was a fan of WGN before we realized our story.”

Steve came from humble beginnings. He grew up in a rural area of good, blue-collar, hard- working folks in Ithaca, NY happily surrounded by 14 nearby cousins; so there was never a shortage of friends, including his wife, Maureen, who he has known since they were 5 years old.

Radio was his second love.

“WTKO in Ithaca was the local Top 40 station,” Steve says. “I worked there while at Ithaca College for $2/hour and thought I had MADE IT!”

This experience, along with his Broadcasting Degree launched his success with his very own morning show on WGN Radio, home to legends such as Wally Phillips, Bob Collins, Spike O'Dell. The best part of his job - is having THAT job he says, albeit he has to get up at 4am each day, it’s an honor!

Naperville has been his home for the past 24 years while raising his two children, Amy (31) and Ross (27). When not working, Steve blissfully enjoys his perfect granddaughter, Abigail Grace and actively engages in the west suburban community through organizations such as, the Patriot Education Fund, Rebecca's Dream, Naperville Responds for Veterans, Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities, Northwestern Community Hospital Foundation, Rags of Honor, and Cal's Angels.

Stand-up comedy remains one of his most favorite things to do and he performs about ten times per year. –Kristen Kucharski



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