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THE SKODOL & SCHECK FAMILIES | Two Fabulous Glen Ellyn Families


GLEN ELLYN–These two families have a mission - to spread joy and gratitude to others using their hearts and their smarts.

“We cannot think of a more satisfying way to know that the nutritious food and drink we create are made with love and fuel what your body needs,” Alicia says. “We hope our community can feel the difference!”

Alicia Skodol and Megan Scheck own The Joy Bar in Glen Ellyn. Their families are committed to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Alicia and Ted have three kids: Dylan (14), Lexi (11), and Trey (8) who are active in the Admirals Hockey Club and Sunshine Dance Company. The family is involved with the Hephzibah Children's Association, Les Turner ALS Foundation, as well as with Stringing Pearls Ministry and Forest Glen PTA.

Megan and Rick have four kids: Clancy Scheck (15), Declan (13), Breccan (12), and Tierney (10). The Scheck family is actively involved with the Hephzibah Children's Association and The Betty Scheck Senior Center a Sequins Organization, which is has senior services daytime activities and therapeutic techniques designed especially for persons with developmental disabilities as they reach retirement age.

When Alicia’s father got cancer years ago, Alicia dove into the world of detoxing and healthy plant based eating. She received her certification as a raw vegan chef and educator and started making meals for people in the community and became known as the “Reasonably Raw Mama”. Having a nursing degree, health and fitness were also always a personal passion of Megan’s. The pair dreamed of creating a local place where the community could enjoy healthy, quick meals, juices, and treats - even in the busiest times of life.

“Our primary goal was to encourage others to be healthy, happy and heal within,” Alicia says. These Schecks and Skodols embrace good health and love spreading JOY. -Kristen Kucharski, Photos Submitted




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