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7 SPECTACULAR | Mind, Body & Spirit-Inspired Places In North Naperville


We all want to feel our best as we enter 2019. We may want to enroll in some new programs or be more mindful of our personal health by taking time for ourselves. From working with a mindfulness coach and enrolling in a kickboxing program, to treating yourself to a monthly massage and doing recurring facial treatments– we have unveiled 7 Spectacular Mind, Body & Spirit-Inspired Places that we think you’ll love in 2019!

1. Abhyaasa Yoga Studio NAPERVILLE–Abhyaasa (ahb-YAH-sah) means a consistent, dedicated, cheerful practice; an earnest and consistent effort. Regardless of whether the name Abhyaasa gets you tongue-tied, the studio name acts as a reminder that establishing a sincere, selfless intention, putting in earnest effort, and being content with whatever comes to be is the heart of yoga. The studio teaches non-dogmatic, mindful yoga of varying styles to facilitate grace, awareness, peace and compassion throughout our daily lives.

2. Twelve Pathways Acupuncture

LISLE–Discover the power of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. Here you will find solutions for modern ailments using effective non-invasive ancient traditions. The World Health Organization officially recognizes Acupuncture as suitable treatment for over 200 common clinical disorders. Enhance your life today at Twelve Pathways Acupuncture with real and attainable benefits.

3. Radiant Life Holistic Wellness Center NAPERVILLE–Holistic services range from massage therapy and reiki energy work services to complimentary services that help guide balance of body, mind, and spirit. Visit them for meditation group classes, sip-n-paint group art classes, healing circles, and more.

4. Organic Spa and Salon, Intelligent Beauty NAPERVILLE–Imagine a space, where you can relax, be surrounded by SPA essential oil fragrances, and soothing music. Imagine yourself in a zero-gravity chair getting a pedicure and organic facial treatment at the same time. Imagine getting your hair colored and knowing that all hair products are formulated with a very high concentration of natural, organic, biodynamic active ingredients, working with the well-being of people.

5. Holistic Chiropractic & Healing Arts Center NAPERVILLE–Dr. Kent Christianson at Holistic Chiropractic & Healing Arts Center combines skill and expertise that span the entire wellness spectrum, including Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine, Enzyme therapies, yoga & proven movement therapies. (630) 548-0700

6. The Emperor’s Medicine NAPERVILLE– The Emperor’s Medicine provides result-based health and wellness through acupuncture and functional medicine; offering a safe, effective, drug free alternative for chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, auto immune and women’s health issues. Founder and Director, Dr. Selma S. Gladney, DAOM combines many years of experience in wellness with a master’s degree in Chinese Medicine to empower her patients to become their healthiest and happiness by addressing the root cause of the ailment, not just the symptoms; therefore promoting authentic healing and long-term relief. The Emperor’s Medicine, Naperville, IL (630) 428-9001,

7. Science of Spirituality LISLE–Science of Spirituality is a nonprofit organization, with 2,800 centers worldwide, dedicated to providing a forum where people can learn meditation for its benefits of physical, mental, and emotional health. Experience refreshing moments of calm, balance, and peace any time you want through meditation.

Watch for a new, uniquely themed 7 Spectacular List inside each issue of Glancer Magazine.

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